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Alana Garcia is a traditionally trained 2D Fine Artist.


She mainly practices with drawing and painting mediums, with a focus on hyperrealism.


Being born and raised in Colorado, she pulls inspiration from our natural world and uses it to depict how we can connect with ourselves and one another.

Alexsandra Agim

Alexsandra Agim, also known as "Alex Arts" is a self-taught, well rounded, and detail-oriented artist based in Maryland.


As a child, she loved to watch cartoons. The characters and storyline inspired her to become a graphic designer.


She originally studied traditional art, such as painting, illustrating and sculpting. As her experience grew, she began to fuse her traditional skills with digital painting and photography, bringing about a perfect marriage of 2D life art. A lifelong learner, she is currently expanding her skillsets to include animation design.

Alvaro is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Guadalajara, with more than 10 years of experience. He is an innate illustrator and he started drawing at the age of 4. At 8 years old he took painting classes: mainly oils and dry pastels.


He likes to combine traditional and digital art to get the best of both disciplines. As an illustrator, he has worked in various projects such as poster design, storyboarding, editorial illustration, among others.

Andrew Haener is an award winning illustrator and print-maker living in the Midwest.

He loves good stories, folk art, and endearing imperfections, which he incorporates into exuberant and playful artwork.


Using both digital and traditional media, his work aims to delight and empower through whimsy, wit, and optimism.

Annie Phan is from Salt Lake County, Utah.

With backgrounds in fine arts, fashion, and animation, she likes experimenting with different art styles and materials. Her art includes a mix of traditional and digital media.

Annie loves reading and watching fairy tales to create fantasy-inspired illustrations with visual narrative.

Anthony Jackson is an illustrator originally from Denver Colorado residing in Washington, D.C.


He’s a self-taught artist using his influence and love of American comics and Japanese anime in his art. His primary medium is digital art, with a focus on drawing characters.


He is currently working on his first comic book which will be released in 2021. 




Bill Cullum

Colorado wildlife artist Bill Cullum paints to preserve the spirit of the wildlife and other

subjects as he sees them in their natural environment. Bringing out their true colors

through pastels, oils and even scratchboard art is his passion.

When you look at his bugling elk paintings or the powerful bighorn sheep, it’s almost as

if you are seeing a photograph instead of a painting. That wild essence and his attention

to detail are what truly sets Bill Cullum's wildlife paintings and southwest art apart from other Colorado artists.

As a child of Washington DC painters, Clare grew up surrounded by vibrant art and firmly
believes in its power to promote unity and transformation.


Clare works in a variety of media
including photography, printmaking, and painting. Her influences include Japanese culture, art history, and cartoons from childhood.

David Thomas is Originally from Miami, FL and currently lives and works outside of Washington, DC.


 He has 36 years of experience in t-shirt logo design partnering with companies like: GUESS, G by Guess, AEO
and Pac Sun to name a few.


He is also an avid drummer and painter. His painting and cartooning style is inspired by artists like Robert Crumb. He uses acrylic paint, markers and ink.

Donnie Knight is a transgender illustrator and designer from Florida.


 Donnie's art is influenced by vintage design, but with a modern twist!


Donnie uses traditional art mediums like watercolor, markers, and also digital art. 


Donnie has extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative programs especially Photoshop.

Elisabeth Meyers is a military wife and graphic designer from the Gem State.


She’s always had a creative spark but didn't know where to plant it until studying design in college, which led her to create her own wedding invitations and later to pursue design as a career.


Elisabeth has been successful with website renovations and apparel design, but still loves taking time to create just for herself.

Elizabeth Savanella is a New York-based artist blending traditional and digital media to create textural, trendy designs for stationery, books, and products.


Elizabeth strives to make the world a little brighter with vibrant artwork and hand lettering.

She is endlessly inspired by music, media, travel, and nature.

EM is an Illustrator based in Columbus, Ohio.


Her specialty is highly detailed ink and digital work, however, she's well-practiced at other traditional media.


Her inspiration is found in fairy tales, myths, fantasy stories, horror films and novels, and other fictional narratives.

Born and raised in Virginia, Emily developed a love for drawing from watching movies and reading comics.


She decided to make it a career out of it and became a concept artist.


She loves to draw in a cartoon/comic style but loves to sketch whatever comes to her mind and uses adobe photoshop.


Federica Donato is an Italian artist passionate about design.  She recently moved to Washington DC. 

During her stay in Europe, her artwork has been exhibited in several international art shows. 

Federica uses multiple media - giving preference to ink, gouache and oil - to interpret the ideas she has about the world we live in.

Erica is a Graphic Designer currently based in Florida.

She loves to travel the world looking for inspiration by learning about new cultures and places.

With a BFA in Visual Communications she primarily works digitally on branding and advertising projects, but loves to create clean and beautiful invitations and digital artwork.

 Gabe Spiegel is from Indianapolis, Indiana.

He has a passion for art as well as design and is always eager to diversify his creative toolbox. From practical to fantastic, He aims to stay flexible as well as fun.


He loves to create in Photoshop, as well as Illustrator and Indesign to keep updated with the latest Adobe programs."

Hannah Sickles is the artist and proprietor of Whoa Hannah Creative, based in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.


She is a self-taught lettering artist, designer, and illustrator. She works with a variety of mediums which include acrylics, watercolor, gouache, and lots more!


Her biggest inspiration is the world around her. She loves nature! Her style is outdoorsy, eclectic with a whimsical flair.

  Ian Groff is a professional illustrator from Jefferson, MD.


He has provided illustrations for a variety of media, including novels and comic books. Much of his inspiration comes from retro fantasy, sci-fi, and comic art.


He enjoys working with traditional media like oils, gouache, and pencil, though also utilizes digital media for some of his art.

Ian Vy

Ian Vy resides and works near Washington D.C.

It started with the abstract and the human body, but he has adapted to many different styles of art as he has gone through life. When he is
not creating an artistic masterpiece, he is dancing, singing, and acting.

Ian Vy utilizes both traditional and digital media and finding new ways to combine the two mediums together. His general art style
showcases the flaws in oneself to help society learn to accept and embrace themselves in full. Those flaws are actually strengths, no
matter how deep they are.

Jaimie Hamilton Schider-Heisel lives on a sailboat with her husband and derpy dog named  Simba.

Growing up at the beach, and spending her free-time volunteering with the Surfrider Foundation, her passion for the natural world is reflected in her digital designs, fine art sketches, and photography.

Katie Kleinbaum is a digital designer and illustrator with styles running from modern to whimsical.


Her clients include mid-sized online retailers in the paper, apparel, and accessories spaces to education companies for children’s books.


Dividing her time between Sarasota, FL and Cape Cod, MA, she enjoys nature and fresh air!


Kimberly Klahn is a highly creative and multi-talented artist who creates visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.


Sketching an array of imaginary fauna and flowers to a vast array of shapes and textures, she lets the piece evolve as she continues to draw noticing space, sizing, shape, line and texture or lack thereof.

She utilizes surface pattern / textile design to enhance the world around us. She believes that surface design adds personality and style to all areas of our life; from the clothes we wear, the products we enjoy, the furniture in our house, the interiors of businesses, and the wrapping paper we use to wrap gifts. 

Laura Kaufman is a digital illustrator and 2D animator based in Bethesda, MD. 


Laura is a graduate of UMBC with a Bachelor of Arts in Animation. She has been doing online commissions for several years, encompassing characters from both her imagination as well as existing characters.


Her inspirations range from animals and fantasy creatures to the cartoon shows she grew up with. Laura enjoys creating her own character designs, and hopes to make her own cartoon series one day.

Lauren Bigelow is a graphic designer and fine artist residing in Grand Blanc, Michigan.


Lauren is a graduate of Penn State's Digital Multimedia Design program. She has drawn and painted since childhood, but recently transferred her artistic skills to other media such as advertisements, websites, and animations.


She has a surrealistic, ethereal style that combines realism with abstraction. Her greatest inspiration is the ability to see from multiple points of view, both metaphorically and literally.

Lorraine is a 2D illustrator, apparel and textiles designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Lorraine works with primarily digital and watercolor mediums but is also skilled with handcrafting and sewing. She has worked in the gaming industry and the fashion/apparel industry and has gained much experience in both worlds.


She finds inspiration in media, nature, and traveling.

Lulu Sun

Lulu Sun is originally from China and currently lives in Topeka, Kansas.

As a multimedia designer with professional art and business knowledge, she has a huge passion for visual arts.


She works primarily in graphic design, video editing, and web design.


In her free time, she also creates watercolor and oil paintings.  Problems don’t unsettle her – they inspire her.

Maggie is an illustrator, currently based in Derwood MD.


She primarily works with digital media and traditional media such as pastels, oil paint, and gouache.

            One of the biggest inspirations for Maggie’s art is her mom. She would read her to sleep every night and would visit the library almost every day. It’s what inspired Maggie to create art in the first place and has always had a special place in her heart.

Menaka Jayawardene is from East Lansing, Michigan.


Her professional work experience is primarily in the graphic design and screen print industry, but her passion lies in creating art on her own.


She is primarily a watercolor artist. She mostly paints on canvas and also onto smaller home decor items. Her pieces are a combination of abstract textures and floral patterns, as she is always inspired by both.

Megan Watts Is an illustrator and animator working both digitally and traditionally.


She earned a BFA with a concentration in Illustration from California State University.


She relocated to Nashville, TN from Chino, CA and is currently working freelance in Nashville. She primarily paints landscape scenes and small illustrations.


When she is not working or doing art for fun, she enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, road tripping, visiting national parks, spending time with her pets and family, and watching movies.

Michael Thompson, originally from the DMV area and currently residing in Ft. Washington, MD, is a professional graphic artist with 30+ years of experience.


He has a personal passion for creating surrealistic, thought-provoking, and humorous imagery through my digital painting, photo-manipulation, and photography.


He is currently available as a freelancer for contract work.

Michiel Van Driel

Michiel Van Driel is a photographer from the Netherlands.


With a lot of patience and a bit of luck, he works tirelessly to capture the perfect moment. He believes a good photograph is dynamic and with each piece he strives to illustrate beauty while evoking feelings in its viewers.

He loves taking photographs of natural sights such as beaches, parks, and woods because each season brings something new.


 Rachel Price is a Maryland-based illustrator, pattern designer, and fine artist who works with both traditional and digital media to create unique, fun, and sometimes quirky illustrations. 

Rachel’s goal is to make people smile with her whimsical and vibrant art. 

Her inspirations include nature, animated movies, books, music, and astronomy. 

Reign Robles recently migrated to Maryland from the Philippines.

As a volunteer in different humanitarian organizations, she uses her art skills in traditional and digital media to raise awareness about different societal issues.


She also merges both media for invitation cards, posters, stickers, and the likes aside from her campaign initiative.

Sheila Exum

Sheila Exum is a gifted artist residing on the east coast whose style is realism. 

Her art is inspired by nature, culture, sports, and people. While working in a variety of mediums, her paintings and drawings are focused on detail and vibrant color to captivate the viewer's eye. 

She is available for commissioned artwork. 

Shonneri majored in Graphic Design and Visual Communications and obtained a Certificate in Illustration at Prince George’s Community College. 

Shonneri does digital portraits, pencil/pen portraits, or logo work. She also does watercolor and acrylic paintings sparingly.


While balancing her day job, she does personal work, client work, and tackles mommy-hood!

Sterling Harrell is a Graphic Designer based in Germantown Maryland. 

He is 100 percent self-taught and designing since he was 14, getting his first exposure by creating myspace layouts for friends and upcoming artists. In a short period of time, Sterling has revolutionized digital graphics.


Sterling's unique style specializes in digital art such as Logo Branding, Music Covers, Promotional banners, Event Flyers, and much more.


His aim is to bring your idea to life.

Trent Laughlin, also known as "FotoPlop" is a Digital Designer from Philadelphia, PA. 


He combines elements from various sources and mediums to form a whole new piece of art. 


He finds inspiration in the things that are often overlooked.


"We are only as big as our imagination."