Approaching the hill, in sight there is a woman; nude and full of might. As she raises her hands, the sky dims to her right. She started growing wings of a demon and an angel. She pulls the sun and the moon to her hands. Then, as she turns her head to face me, and I wake.


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"Lillith" Art Print

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  • Ian Vy resides and works near Washington D.C.

    It started with the abstract and the human body, but he has adapted to many different styles of art as he has gone through life. When he is
    not creating an artistic masterpiece, he is dancing, singing, and acting.

    Ian Vy utilizes both traditional and digital media and finding new ways to combine the two mediums together. His general art style
    showcases the flaws in oneself to help society learn to accept and embrace themselves in full. Those flaws are actually strengths, no
    matter how deep they are.


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